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Tuition & Fees

UPMC Tuition & Fees

For Non UPMC Employees:

● Financial aid is not available for the Erie campus at this time.● Prospective students who wish to enroll in the program but do not want to enroll in the apprenticeship program are being offered a special rate with a payment plan for the ST core courses.  ● Special ST Course Rate: Pay $500/course or $3,000 total

Erie County Community Tuition & Fees

● Tuition for Erie County Residents is current free.● Students must pay the course fees which are approximately $550/semester or $1,100 total● UPMC employees enrolled in the program have EC3 fees paid by UPMC when they pass the course with a C or better.● Non-employees enrolled in the program must pay fees directly to the college.● Must be an Erie County Resident for the past 12 months to enroll.


Your Tuition Could Be $0

With UPMC's tuition offers, your entire tuition costs could be as low as $0.

    $12K in tuition advancement to cover what your student loans don't
    Programs that provides wages, benefits, and career development
    Full student loan forgiveness when you work for UPMC after graduation