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Admissions & Physical Requirements

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Surgical Technology Core Admissions Requirements:
The Surgical Technology Program is a limited enrollment program which means that after you are accepted at Erie County Community College, you must meet certain requirements to move forward to the Surgical Technology Core Curriculum.
You must be an Erie County Resident for 12-consecutive months to enroll.
Students who are accepted and enrolled with Erie County Community College must maintain a 2.0 grade point average or higher AND pass Medical Terminology, A&P II, and Microbiology with a 2.0 or higher to matriculate into the Surgical Technology Core.
Students who do not meet these criteria will need to retake any courses and pass them with a 2.0 or better and start the Surgical Technology Core in the next semester those classes begin.
Prospective Students With An Existing Conferred Degree You may be able to enter directly into the Surgical Technology Program provided you have taken A&P II, Medical Terminology, and Microbiology within the last 4 years.
If you have not take the prerequisites courses in the past 4 years, you will need to enroll in those classes with Erie County Community College.
Background CheckStudents will have experience at UPMC facilities including access to UPMC systems and patients and must have the clearances below.CPR classes are taught to students when matriculating to the Surgical Technology Core at no additional cost.
● Basic Life Support (BLS) OR Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)● Act 33 (Child Abuse Clearance) with renewal● Act 34 (Criminal Record Check) with renewal


Admissions Decisions:​​​​​​​● Students accepted into the program will be notified 4-6 weeks prior to the start of classes.​​​​● A decision letter will be sent to your UPMC work email account.
Communications about application status and updates are sent via email. Ensure you are regularly checking the email address used on your application for updates to avoid missing a required step.


 Physical Requirements:There are specific physical requirements for Surgical Technologists apply to both the program and career field that you should be aware of and consider before you apply.
If you have any questions or concerns about these requirements or would like to understand if any reasonable accommodation can be granted, you can contact us at .ude.cmpu%40ofnimargorp Knowingly and willfully attesting to requirements you cannot meet are grounds for expulsion as it would be potentially unsafe for you or patients to enroll in the program if you cannot meet these requirements.
● *Lifting / Carrying:The profession requires the lifting and carrying of medical equipment, supplies, medications, and charts. Average lifting requirements is 10-50 pounds. Varying weights are encountered when lifting and transferring patients. It is expected that the ST will request assistance when lifting and repositioning patients.
● *Pushing / Pulling:Pushing and pulling are required in the transfer of patients and medical equipment.
● Bending / Twisting:This is required when making beds, setting up operating supplies and monitoring medical equipment.
● *Hearing: A normal range of hearing is needed by the ST to communicate effectively. The ST listens with a stethoscope in the performance of blood pressure assessment and must be able to detect mechanical alarms and effectively participate in group discussions and phone conversations. The ST must often respond to auditory requests without visual cues.
● *Vision:The ST must read written communication, monitor equipment, and prepare medications. The ST must also be able to handle sutures and needles thinner than a human hair.
● Depth Perception: This is required for fine task performance when using medical supplies for insertion into the body.
● *Fine Motor Skills:
The ST must be able to write clearly and precisely with a pen. In the performance of certain procedures, grasping and control of medical equipment is necessary.
● *Tactile Sensation:The ST must be able to feel vibration and distinguish temperature changes and must be able to grasp and manipulate equipment when providing patient care.
● *Walking / Standing:Walking and standing for extensive periods of time are required of the Surgical Technologist. During some operations, the Surgical Technologist must stand on stools and stand for 6 hours or more.
● *Temperature Requirements:The operating room temperature is usually set from 68-72 degrees. During some cases, the temperature is increased to assist in maintaining a normal temperature for the patient. The Surgical Technologist must wear a gown, gloves, hat, shoe covers and a mask on most cases. On total joint cases, helmet and space suit type wear are required. Cases are completed under bright lights that can add to the temperature. Surgical Technology Students must be able to function in this environment. Applicants with a history of fainting must beware as they will also have to wear PPE.

Admissions FAQ

View frequently asked enrollment questions. Not finding the answer to your question? Contact us at ude.cmpu%40ofnimargorp and our admissions team will be happy to help.Tips To Help You Application Process:● Include an optional cover letter explaining your interest in Surgical Technology and the program● Professional letters of recommendation may be included with your application as attachments

  • What if I cannot pass the prerequisite courses?

    The program is heavily based in sciences - and you will have all the support you need from tutoring to advising to help you succeed. If you find you are unable to pass the science courses, Erie County Community College offers a variety of other majors, and you can transfer your credits to another institution.  

  • Act 34 criminal background check is required. If I have a conviction of a felony or a misdemeanor, am I automatically going to be rejected?

    No. If you have a conviction on your record, ensure that you disclose the offense and date so that it can be reviewed.

  • What if I am unable to meet one of the physical requirements, but the issue is only temporary?

    We would be glad to work with you. The concern regarding permanent conditions that do not meet the requirement. For example, if you had permanent nerve damage in your hand and are unable to hold things without dropping them. If you were to drop a surgical instrument you could harm yourself, other staff, or the patient. If you broke your leg while skiing, that is different than never being able to walk and stand freely. The requirement is also to be able to perform those functions with or without supports such as prosthetic limbs, glasses or contacts, and hearing aids that fully allow someone to perform the duties safely.

  • Can I Transfer Credits?

    Credit transfer is on a case-by-case basis. Speak with admissions at Erie County Community College to determine if you have credits that can be transfered.

Application & Selection Process

Below is the overall application process. Applicants should frequently check the email provided on their application to be informed of next steps. Candidates that move past a video interview will receive an invitation to self-schedule their face-to-face interview via email and by text if you included a mobile number on your application.



Submit your initial application to the program for our admissions team to review. Ensure you meet the transfer eligibility before you apply.


Video Interview

Applicants that move forward will be invited to complete a video interview. During this step, you will be prompted to give recorded answers to 5-7 questions. You will need to use a device with a camera and may use a tablet, mobile phone, or computer. We understand nerves, and are only looking at your answers, not if you stumble or make mistakes in the process.


OR Shadowing

The operating room environment is not for everyone. Prospective students should schedule an OR tour and surgical observation with our team or at your local facility. *You can do this before you apply.
This is highly encouraged but not required.


Admissions Interview

You will interview face-to-face with a member of our Administration team and clinical Faculty. You must complete an OR observation prior to your interview or your application will be rejected for the next term and the interview will be canceled.


Decision Letters Sent

You will be notified via email if you are accepted, wait listed, or rejected for the Fall Term. Acceptance is conditional upon qualifying for your FASFA award. In the event a prospective student does not qualify, the seat will be filled from a student on the wait list.


Student Orientation

Student orientation details will be forthcoming.