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Work To Learn Flex Apprenticeship Program Instructions

We are currently accepting applications for the Spring Work To Learn Flex Program only. The Fall deadline for the Flex program has passed. If you applied after 8/1/23, we will be reaching about changing your Carlow application to Spring.

If you are also applying to the paid Apprenticeship Program and tuition offers, you must submit a separate application to the UPMC Job Posting titled "Surgical Technologist Student."
Apply to the position using the option that pertains to you. 


Application & Selection Process

Below is the overall application process. Applicants should frequently check the email provided on their application to be informed of next steps and to receive updates.



Submit your initial application to Carlow University through the Carlow website here. It's free to apply.
You will need to provide at minimum copies of your high school transcripts and any transcripts from colleges you have attended. You should begin contacting your schools to find out how to obtain your transcripts as each school has different processes and options. Most schools today have the ability to send your transcripts electronically directly to Carlow.


FAFSA Application

The FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid used to apply for Federal student loans and grants.  
You can submit this application prior to being accepted to expedite and ensure your aid is available for the start of classes. No aid is disbursed if you do not enroll or are not accepted.  
When submitting your FAFSA, you will need to put a school code in for Carlow University. The code is 003303 and can also be looked up.
You can transfer your application to another school at any time. 
Visit to learn more and submit your FAFSA.


Video Interview

Applicants that move forward will be invited to complete a video interview. During this step, you will be prompted to give recorded answers to 5-7 questions. You will need to use a device with a camera and may use a tablet, mobile phone, or computer. We understand nerves, and are only looking at your answers, not if you stumble or make mistakes in the process. View tips on video interviewing here.


OR Shadowing

The operating room environment is not for everyone. Prospective students should schedule an OR tour and surgical observation with our team or at your local facility. *You can do this before you apply.


Work To Learn Flex Interviews

If you are also applying for the Work To Learn Flex Apprenticeship Program, you will be contacted to schedule a formal interview.
You will receive an email from the UPMC School of Surgical Technology directly where you can self-schedule your interview. Interviews are conducted through Microsoft Teams and instructions will be sent with your confirmation email when you schedule. We are also happy to arrange in-person interviews if you prefer.


Decision Letters Sent

You will be notified via email if you are accepted, wait listed, or rejected. Acceptance is conditional upon qualifying for your FASFA award for students enrolling in Work To Learn Flex.


Student Orientation

New Student Orientation August 26thStudent orientation will be held at Carlow University on Saturday August 26th from 10 AM to 12:30 PM.
The last hour will be a special session specific to the surgical technology program.
New student orientation will set up for success for your first day of classes, walk you through campus resources and student services, getting around campus, and include fun events, swag, and more.